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Catering on the Sunshine Coast

An Exceptional Culinary Experience

Welcome! I am Chef Santosh, located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia, providing exclusive private chef services.

The ultimate aim here at Talking Turkey is to create an “Exceptional Culinary Experience” for you and your guests. One that will be savoured and remembered forever.

Whether you’re hosting a special celebration or themed party or need appetizers and finger foods for a wine tasting or corporate function/event, you have come to the right place. Cooking is an art form and the act of preparing a meal for friends and family is an expression of love. Talking Turkey provides personal chef and catering services and offers the best local produce from the Sunshine Coast.  The emphasis is on seasonal ingredients and natural juices. Each plate is a delicate combination of flavours designed and tailored around your culinary requirements.

Why talking turkey?

Our philosophy is all in our name. Talking Turkey means talking honestly and that is what we are about; putting honesty back into cooking and honesty in the way the food is grown, prepared, cooked and presented.

Sunshine Coast Private Chef Services

  1. More than just caterers, we are creators. Everything is made from scratch in front of your eyes with fresh and local produce using exceptional techniques.
  2. Specialising in global cuisine, each menu is carefully planned and themed to your tastes and requirements.
  3. We come to you fully prepared, so you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything except sit back and enjoy your guests and the culinary delights that will be presented to you.
  4. Service includes menu planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, personalised table service and cleaning.
  5. We can cater with an exclusive Degustation menu, a tantalising Canape´ selection or with boutique Dinner Parties.

We promise an exceptional culinary experience with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Choose your experience

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Degustation is a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods that focuses on evoking the senses, in particular all facets of the sense of taste. Degustation involves sampling small portions of signature, high culinary art dishes which we serve to your guests in ten courses.

It has increasingly become more than just dining; it’s now highly sought-after as a chic social event for modern consumers on the Sunshine Coat.


It can be called mezze, tapas, appetisers, hors d’oeuvre, finger food or cocktail bites depending on what part of the globe you are from. Whatever you call it, canapé is an assortment of small dishes with a variety of flavours served to accompany drinks so guests can mingle without the necessity of formal sit down dining.


Love dinner parties, good food and great company with your loved ones but worried about cooking & cleaning afterwards?

Let your private chef do all the dinner party catering for you, while you are free to entertain your guests and enjoy yourself. Enjoy exceptional food at the comfort of your own home or holiday homes. Leave it to us to look after the catering for your next event on the Sunshine Coast.

“His food is delicious, healthy and encapsulates an incredible variety of flavours, which are subtly and deliciously combined to tempt your taste buds. Fantastic food!”

Ali Barclay

Talking Turkey

Tel: 0429 535 734

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