Catering Sunshine Coast

Themed Dinner Party Menu


Choose from following option or contact Chef Santosh to create a special theme menu for your social gathering.


To start

Chili lime grilled prawn skewers on Asian slaw

Lemon pepper grilled chicken bruschetta w feta, olives, tomato and raisin salsa

Open sm.salmon sushi with wasabi avocado, pickled ginger and nam jim dressing

Moroccan lamb skewered on crushed pumpkin, parmesan cheese and walnut-rocket pesto


Main Meals

Aromatic duck Maryland sauted brocolini, miso mash and chili tamarind sauce

Noori wrapped market fish w wild mushroom risotto with rocket, parmesan, pine nut and roasted cherry tomato

Grilled steak w honey roasted pumpkin, broccoli and pink peppercorn sauce

Soy glazed grilled chicken served on a sweet potato, goat cheese, spinach and wakame

Crispy skin pork belly w chili pineapple, steamed pok choy and buttered chat potato



Pavlova w fresh seasonal fruit and ice cream

Sticky date pudding w toffee sauce


To start

Tandoori spiced chicken kebab

Lamb mint and cheddar cheese kofta

Masala Pappadum

(crispy lentil cracker topped w onion, tomato, coriander)



Main meals

Kerala fish curry

(A South Indian style mixed seafood curry flavoured with whole mustard, curry leaves and coconut milk )

Butter Chicken

(A North Indian traditional chicken curry with reach creamy tomato and cashew nut sauce )

Potato and pea masala

(Bengali style semi dry potato and pea preparation using fennel and fenugreek seeds)

Cumin pulao

(Fluffy cumin flavoured with whole spices and fried onion)


(Everyone’s favourite leavened bread)




Passion fruit and semolina cake


To start

Ricotta, pancetta and spinach stuffed baked mushrooms

Italian style coleslaw with crispy prosciutto and walnut vinaigrette

Grilled scallops and chorizo with orange, capers, rocket and black olives salad

Salsa verde marinated grilled fish bruschetta



Pepper beef carpaccio with shaved parmesan, walnut, pear and rocket salad

Handmade fresh parpadelle with creamy mushroom sauce a top with pesto chicken

Lemon herb marinated lamb back strap with Sicilian caponata

Duck confit with creamy parmesan polenta and honey roasted carrots

Slow cooked ossobuco with roasted pumpkin, spinach and pine nut creamy risotto a top with gremolata



White chocolate panacotta

Coffee and macadamia tiramisu


To start

Crab san choy bow

Fish cakes w pickled cucumber

Teriyaki beef skewers

Open sm. salmon sushi



Braised beef salad with fresh mint, coriander, sprout, beans shoots, pickled ginger and crispy lavash bread

Slow cooked aromatic duck maryland on sweet potato and miso mash with garlic beans

Crispy skin pork belly with steamed coconut bun and pumpkin kimchi

Lemongrass grilled chicken on curried rice noodles, spring onion, coriander and coconut sauce

Noori wrapped market fish on wild mushroom, rocket, wakame and grilled orange salad with soy glaze



Lemon and lime cheese cake

Spiced coconut and palm sugar pudding


To start

Dukkha crusted grilled lamb with roasted pumpkin and tahini dressing

Shish Tawook with rocket, feta and sundried tomato salad

(Lebanese chicken kebab marinated with fresh oregano, paprika and yoghurt)

Meditaranean prawns w fatoush salad



Lemon thyme grilled market fish w Greek salad (cucumber, cherry tomato, olives and feta) in a filo parcel

Morroccan spiced lamb skewers on pine nut, cranberry, sundried tomatoes and parmesan couscous with mint yoghurt dressing

Tender beef, chickpea and pumpkin tagine with saffron and pea pulao

Chermoula spiced chicken with dried apricot, cashew nut, onion, cherry tomato, flat parsley salad with tangy tamarind and date sauce



Baklava with ice cream

Rose water and almond cake with ice cream